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Jun 28th

Hair Replacement Idea’s For You

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We care about your hair loss and we have real solutions for you. Even you can have the latest hair style in trend. It can be a James Dean look or some other new hairstyle for men in 2014. Here’s a cool look that combines vintage styling and a modern update. Like they say, it’s all in the details. The heat and activity of summer demand an easy to wear cut that looks good at the beach, summer festivals, and about town.

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Jun 7th

Hair Replacement Basics

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Hair loss is easily diagnosed by the location in which your hair starts to recede. Hair loss is the gradual shortening of the follicles and with each new hair growth cycle the hairs don’t grow back as long. Over time only the very small hairs will remain. Eventually the small hair follicles die and a thin layer of tissue forms rendering you bald.

Take the first step in having a free consultation with us and we can assist you in offering you options you can choose from. With our help and your new hair system you can enjoy the way you lived before you lost your hair. Play volley ball, go for a swim, and enjoy your new way of looking at life.

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