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Feb 20th


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BEARDS are still a huge trends amount guys, and they are getting better as time goes on. In 2016 many men are wondering about the latest new trends out there and how they can grow similar beards.Long hair and beards go together like peanut butter and jelly. Be careful to maintain that mane thoughGenerally you will need these 4 things to begin your journey towards a new luscious beard.
1. You need to stop shaving! Obviously.
2. You need a good beard oil!
3. Small hair-trimming scissors
4. A beard comb
5. Or come visit us for some professional care

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Feb 6th


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The latest thing is to hate on the latest trend of male hairstyles. All this negativity flung around at these poor, sensitive souls who dare to try some something different makes us males feeling Annoyed: LEAVE MAN BRAIDS ALONE. After all, it’s not like men braiding their hair is a new thing. Of course, many Black men have been rocking cornrows for years. Who can forget when Jared Leto wore a braid to the Oscars, making a statement on the red carpet. Every last elf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy wore one with pride. The list goes on…

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