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Mar 19th


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The seventeenth century saw the complete resurgence of the wig and it became the height of fashion for both men and women, with many shaving their heads beneath for both comfort and fit. By the eighteenth century, those who had the finances had a large wig for formal occasions and a smaller one for use in the home. The more expensive, thus they were also a mark of class and income and the target of wig snatchers. If one was unable to afford a wig, one made one’s natural hair look as wiglike as possible. Women’s wigs were particularly high, powdered, and bejeweled, and the subject of much caricature. We offer you the highest quality of both human and synthetic hair.

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Mar 5th


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The Man Bun! This new hairstyle is challenging stereotypes everywhere, with more and more men growing out some luscious locks in order to rock the Man Bun. Not to be confused with the topknot, undercut or a lazy bun, the Man Bun is when hair is pulled back from the forehead and tied up just in the center of your head, and there can be some hair left out if that is what you desire. The Man Bun is proving to be so VERY popular. The Man Bun can be laid back and relaxed or office appropriate. It can be made into a wild, disheveled ‘just out of bed’ mess or into a posh looking gentleman’s cut. Limitless options abound and women will appreciate every single one.

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