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Feb 25th


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Beyond the blonde and orange mix “blorange” is also a play on “blood orange,” which is pretty appropriate. Regardless of the name’s origins, if blorange is any indication, it looks like colorists are quickly becoming mixologists — we’ve seen blonde-gray, red-brown and rose-gold, combinations that seem to fare better together than apart. Mixing tones give them adaptability based on skin tones, so you can mix and match the color that works for you. The trends for 2017 there are tons of pros to the color — it’s a universal shade, since it can be customized, works well on hair of any length and can be used in pared down ways through balayage or ombre.

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Feb 11th


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Soothing and calming tonic for sensitive scalp. Its gentle formula enriched with eco-certified Zanthalene® and eco-certified Defensil® reduces itching, irritation and inflammation due to various factors including dandruff, restoring the natural pH level to the scalp.

The Calming product range has been specifically formulated to soothe and calm particularly sensitive and sensitized scalps. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of its blend of natural ingredients, eco certified ZANTHALENE® & DEFENSIL®, guarantee to calm even the most sensitive scalps and protects the scalp and instantly relieves burning and itching.

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Feb 4th


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These are many sorts of age-old ideas are what keep a man from addressing his hair loss. However, in today’s society a man is more likely to ignore these beliefs that tell him he has to accept losing his hair. Hair restoration is something man has toyed with since the beginning of time and now, with the advancement of scientific and medically proven hair loss treatments, more and more men are saying ‘no’ to hair loss. If it’s something that plagues him, there is no reason why a man should live with a cosmetically unacceptable condition when science and medicine offer ways to and reverse the effects. The first step in the right direction is to talk to a hair loss expert. We are here to assist you and help you make your choices.

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