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Antoinette’s Story

Antoinette began her career with the desire to pursue her goal in working with people in need.
She noticed that she could combine her love of hairdressing with helping individuals who required a specialized treatment.


Upon graduating from the “Art Institute of Hairdressing” in Montreal, Antoinette continued her training with an internship at HRS, an American company specializing in hair replacement systems located in Florida.

Return to Montreal

After a lot of hard work and determination Antoinette realized her dream to establish her own center for helping those in need of specialized treatments. With her knowledge from her internship she began to offer non-invasive hair replacements and quickly built up her clientele.

About 5 years ago

Antoinette was introduced by one of her suppliers to a new innovative machine called the Ultima Tuft machine.  Antoinette quickly saw how the various  treatments from this machine would benefit her clients.  She invested in purchasing an Ultima Tuft machine and has been providing treatments for hair and scalp conditions. She is not only able to offer non- invasive hair replacements but also specialized treatments to grow hair.  

With already five years experience and success with this technology Antoinette has become the Quebec distributor for the Ultima Tuft machine providing them to Spas and Hair professionals.

Her Philosophy

Antoinette’s philosophy begins with learning about her client’s needs. She makes sure to offer a personalized experience so her clients never feel overwhelmed. Hair loss can be a sensitive issue for some people. Antoinette personally meets with each client to discuss what is the best solution to their needs. Their well being and privacy is never overlooked.

At Esquire each client is treated in the privacy of their own room in a tranquil atmosphere.

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