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Feb 21st


Posted by with Comments Off on SILVER HAIR FOR MEN

The silver hair trend is as much of an attitude as it is a hair color, and it isn’t just for “the elderly” these days. Silver is chic, sexy, edgy and very popular. Both men and woman of all ages are open to shades of silver from bright platinums to smokey grays. Many celebrities across the globe have spoken about how they are embracing their greying locks and even their ageing skin.

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Feb 13th


Posted by with Comments Off on ACTIVE 8 HAIR BRUSH

If you take your hair seriously or are just getting into the hair care game this year, you have to have one of the best hairbrushes for men and women. A great hairbrush can do so many things for your hair, such as detangle, smooth away frizz, texturize, add shine and stimulate your scalp for new and renewed hair growth for people with hair loss.

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Jan 31st


Posted by with Comments Off on BOTANIKARE HAIR CARE

Alter Ego Energizing and stimulating shampoo with Yuzu extract! Energizing and stimulating soft shampoo is ideal everyday treatment for sensitive scalp and brittle, thin hair. Helps with hair loss and as a day therapy energizing shampoo. We have several Alter Ego products for gentile care of hair loss and protecting and nourishing hair care.

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Jan 16th


Posted by with Comments Off on NEW YEAR REPLACEMENT STYLE

Different hairstyles can give different impact to our appearance. While some hairstyles for men may give you the chic, cool or funky look, some may help you achieve the boy-next-door or professional appearance.

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Nov 14th


Posted by with Comments Off on GOING GREY WITH A REPLACEMENT UNIT

Anyone who has started going gray knows it doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t suddenly wake up with silver strands as if someone painted them while you slept; it starts with a pigment-deprived hair or two while some of your hair still grows in full color. And when more of your hair starts growing gray, you may start to notice a line in larger sections of your hair where the color stopped and the gray started.

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Oct 17th


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIR EXTENSIONS

Hair extensions are not only the perfect way to create long beautiful locks, but are also a brilliant solution for adding volume to fine hair. Allowing you to experiment with different hair colors, or adapt your hairstyle to suit a current hair trend.

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Sep 11th


Posted by with Comments Off on ASH GREY HAIR COLOR

This smoky grey is stylish and fun. I imagine it will coordinate your hair and everyday dress, whether it is a white plain T-shirt or blue jeans, or suit and tie. When a person grows older, these pigment cells begin to die and the melanin production reduces too, making the strand less colourful and more transparent grey, silver or white.

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Jul 2nd


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIR REPLACEMENT

After months of being under quarantine, we have reopened and are looking forward to seeing you. Buzz cuts, undercuts, and short haircuts are the best bet for a clean look and easier to manage. Or you can clipper the sides and back short and slightly trim the top. Even a shaved sides cut or modern mullet if you don’t want to trim the back of the head are all suitable options. The goal here is to take a look at the lines from your last cut, and have us clean it up even if it pertains to your unit and even if we have to do it for you. Call and make your appointment please remember to bring your mask and we supply you the hand sanitizers, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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May 25th


Posted by with Comments Off on BRIDAL HAIR DESIGNS

Now, what’s the biggest bridal hair trends today? Well, 2020 is all about texture, texture and lots of texture. Bridal hair is leaning towards thecool-girl styles and further away from the heavily sprayed looks and fixed curls. And natural with a bit mess and undone style is the new chic.

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Apr 16th


Posted by with Comments Off on MEN’S WIDOWS PEAK

As is suggested by the name, this trait came to be called a widow’s peak because it resembles the distinctive shape of the headdress widows used to wear while they were in mourning. For obvious reasons, this is why the early widowhood superstition came to be. Fortunately, we no longer burn witches at the stake or believe the formation of our hairlines determines the future fate of our relationships, but that doesn’t mean widow’s peaks don’t still have their importance in terms of telling a tale. There may be genetic links to widow’s peaks, or maybe it’s just a unique look that Mother Nature only selects a certain segment of the population to be born with. In any case, if you have a widow’s peak, you’re in good company.

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