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Feb 1st


Posted by with Comments Off on WOMENS HAIR LOSS

Close to 50 percent of women will experience some degree of hair loss or thinning before age 50, which often worsens with menopause. Women want to know if hormonal hair loss can be reversed. The answer is yes! Fortunately, unlike genetic hair loss, you can reverse most hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances. If you are entering the years of perimenopause (before menopause), it is a good idea to check your hormone levels with your doctor. We also offer our services if you wish to have hair regrowth with several options to choose from. We offer hair light chromolaserlight treatment and also hair regrowth products made for hair growth.

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Jan 25th


Posted by with Comments Off on FINDING HAIR SOLUTIONS

Are you losing hair or have thinning Hair? We have been providing hair restoration and hair loss solutions for thinning hair for both men and women since 1988. We provide hair restoration and hair loss solutions to make you feel your best everyday. Wigs and hairpieces can be life-changing for some people, there is so many heartbreaking stories of people who really struggle emotionally with hair loss. “Balding” is a word no man wants to hear. Most societies in the world associate luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health. We assist and guide you in chosing the best look for you.

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Jan 25th


Posted by with Comments Off on WOMEN WITH HAIR REPLACEMENT

Our custom hair replacement solutions for women are virtually invisible to the sight and to the touch. You deserve to have hair you’ve always wanted we are here to achieve your goals. We offer everything from many non-surgical procedures, scalp therapy procedures with our laser light machine and a variety of different options without the use of surgical procedures. We also offer free consulationsfor both men and women and children.

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Jan 4th


Posted by with Comments Off on LONG HAIR WIGS

It is not enough to just have well-groomed hair, you have to be able to give them a beautiful aspect. This can be achieved with the help of hairstyles that can be done by yourself. As an everyday option, simple hairstyles that does not require a lot of time are considered to be the most appropriate.

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Dec 7th


Posted by with Comments Off on WIGS NEW STYLE AND TRENDS

Our human hair wigs are some of the highest in quality and offer a natural looking style and soft feel. Regardless of which wig type you choose, be it lace front human hair or synthetic.

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Oct 19th


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIRSTYLE FOR ANY AGE

Whether you’re wanting a flattering updo, down style, or something in between.Age is just a number, and it most certainly doesn’t need to dictate how you wear your hair. But if you are looking for some hair inspiration from women who are the same age as you, there is a vast choice for you out there.

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Sep 28th


Posted by with Comments Off on PERFECT HAIR

Nowadays men’s haircuts vary greatly – from super short male haircuts to long haircuts. To create the right haircut means to get basis for further hairstyle. That is why it is strongly recommended to pay proper attention in choosing best men’s haircuts. In addition don’t forget to take into consideration the shape of your scalp, the shape of your face, your height and weight, your skin colour and your figure.

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Sep 14th


Posted by with Comments Off on WINTER HAIR TRENDS

Rich and warm, chocolate brown hair is one of the most perfect fall/ winter 2019-2020 hair color trends. This deep brown shade holds a bit of softness and is super flattering to almost all skin tones.

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Aug 17th


Posted by with Comments Off on MENS GREY HAIR

Gray hair for men knows no age. As a society, we’ve decorated the color as “gunmetal” and “smoky steel,” stealing the spotlight from distinguished older gentlemen and placing it on millennials who change their hair color as often as they change their clothes. It has become normalized for men of all ages to rock shades of gray, whether they paid hundreds for it in a salon, or they let aging do all the work.

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Jul 20th


Posted by with Comments Off on USING HAIR EXTENSIONS

Freedom to change your look
What if you wanted to be a brunette for your wedding day and then go blonde all of a sudden within a week of your wedding? Well, hair extensions give you that freedom, they allow you to bleach them and dye them in whatever color you want to, without getting an inch your hair damaged – a piece of cake right?

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