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Aug 21st


Posted by with Comments Off on SUMMER HAIR

Summer hair needs the best treatment for it to keep its luster and health. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner that offers more volume and shields it from the sun rays…
Deep condition your hair at home or get hair conditioning treatments in the salon as often as you can.
Refresh hair with hair mist throughout the day to keep it nurished.

Treat your hair at night when you have spent the day in the sun.

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May 6th


Posted by with Comments Off on SUMMER HAIR TRENDS

Like many mullets it has a ton of texture, but it is brought out through the actual cut of the hair, as opposed to a natural pattern. The hair in the back flows straight down, instead of bending or curling. “For a more full head of hair, the modern mullet is the way to go. “The hair will perfectly compliment this face shape.”

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Oct 17th


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIR EXTENSIONS

Hair extensions are not only the perfect way to create long beautiful locks, but are also a brilliant solution for adding volume to fine hair. Allowing you to experiment with different hair colors, or adapt your hairstyle to suit a current hair trend.

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May 25th


Posted by with Comments Off on BRIDAL HAIR DESIGNS

Now, what’s the biggest bridal hair trends today? Well, 2020 is all about texture, texture and lots of texture. Bridal hair is leaning towards thecool-girl styles and further away from the heavily sprayed looks and fixed curls. And natural with a bit mess and undone style is the new chic.

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Apr 16th


Posted by with Comments Off on MEN’S WIDOWS PEAK

As is suggested by the name, this trait came to be called a widow’s peak because it resembles the distinctive shape of the headdress widows used to wear while they were in mourning. For obvious reasons, this is why the early widowhood superstition came to be. Fortunately, we no longer burn witches at the stake or believe the formation of our hairlines determines the future fate of our relationships, but that doesn’t mean widow’s peaks don’t still have their importance in terms of telling a tale. There may be genetic links to widow’s peaks, or maybe it’s just a unique look that Mother Nature only selects a certain segment of the population to be born with. In any case, if you have a widow’s peak, you’re in good company.

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Feb 22nd


Posted by with Comments Off on SUMMER TIME BRIDES

Summer is fast approaching! Wedding season isgoing to be in full swing and you worked hard to look your best for the big day. Go the extra mile and make sure to pamper yourself for the wedding day with manicures and pedicures, and don’t forget your bridal hair which we are looking forward to stylying and assisting you.

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Jan 4th


Posted by with Comments Off on LONG HAIR WIGS

It is not enough to just have well-groomed hair, you have to be able to give them a beautiful aspect. This can be achieved with the help of hairstyles that can be done by yourself. As an everyday option, simple hairstyles that does not require a lot of time are considered to be the most appropriate.

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Oct 19th


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIRSTYLE FOR ANY AGE

Whether you’re wanting a flattering updo, down style, or something in between.Age is just a number, and it most certainly doesn’t need to dictate how you wear your hair. But if you are looking for some hair inspiration from women who are the same age as you, there is a vast choice for you out there.

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Sep 14th


Posted by with Comments Off on WINTER HAIR TRENDS

Rich and warm, chocolate brown hair is one of the most perfect fall/ winter 2019-2020 hair color trends. This deep brown shade holds a bit of softness and is super flattering to almost all skin tones.

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Jul 20th


Posted by with Comments Off on USING HAIR EXTENSIONS

Freedom to change your look
What if you wanted to be a brunette for your wedding day and then go blonde all of a sudden within a week of your wedding? Well, hair extensions give you that freedom, they allow you to bleach them and dye them in whatever color you want to, without getting an inch your hair damaged – a piece of cake right?

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