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Jan 25th


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Our custom hair replacement solutions for women are virtually invisible to the sight and to the touch. You deserve to have hair you’ve always wanted we are here to achieve your goals. We offer everything from many non-surgical procedures, scalp therapy procedures with our laser light machine and a variety of different options without the use of surgical procedures. We also offer free consulationsfor both men and women and children.

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Jan 7th


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We understand a great head of hair can play a major role in helping you look and feel your confident, and beautiful or handsome best. Which is why our clients can always choose what type of treatment or extensions professionally applied by us. We make it easy for those men and women who desire a full head of hair. We strongly believe in providing our clients a service that brings them confidence and a new look in their everyday style.

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Jun 11th


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We offer various specialized Chromo light hair treatments to stimulate your hair growth with the Ultima Tuft machine. It may be for hair loss treatments for new The Ultima is a multi function machine for – Red LED chromo light scalp therapy – Blue LED chromo light scalp therapy – Hair treatment.

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Aug 23rd

Tuft Red Light Laser Therapy

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Laser light therapy is in the visible red light spectrum and is generated in a laser diode. The energy level is far below that of laser beams that cut or burn tissue. The low-level red laser light has a very low absorption rate in human tissue making it safe for use in the treatment of hair loss. Low-Level Laser Therapy is useful for hair loss in men and in women where the thinning tends to be diffuse. These Blue or Red low-level laser devices appear to be safe and have been FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. We offer your the chance to come see for yourself all consultations are free of charge.

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