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Apr 13th


Posted by with Comments Off on INNOPENN BENEFITS

Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks with our complete Collegen Therapy Treatment. When it comes to minimally invasive treatments, Micro-needling Collagen Induction therapy gives the best results. Micro-needling treatment even targets the epidermis in such a way that it is clinically proven to minimize scars and stretch marks.

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Mar 16th


Posted by with Comments Off on HAIR EXTENSIONS

Another key point is choosing extensions in a range of colors, from a lighter brown to a buttery blonde, an ombre, and a solid ashier blonde.That’s another great thing about extensions. The hair should just be able to air-dry perfectly, so your real hair can recover.”A better bet is trimming just the extensions, and allowing the real hair to stay untouched. Finally, some of the damage was the result of doing too much: extensions, Brazilian blowouts, highlights, and regular heated styling.

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Feb 9th


Posted by with Comments Off on INNOPENN MICRO NEEDLING

Aged and resilient skin • Fine lines and wrinkles good for smoke lines around the mouth and lines around the eyes.

• Skin tightening and rejuvenation, helps large pores
• Scars (acne, surgery, and burns)
• Stretch marks
• Hair loss

The innopen uses 13 sterile needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function. When the Innopen moves over the skin surface, fine microchannels are created in the skin. The channels increase the skin’suptake of nutrients and moisture by 80%, thereby ensuring uptake of treatment preparations and collagen-stimulating effect deep into the skin.The Innopen is an advanced needling technique and the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenation.

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Jan 26th



Our new services offers weight loss sessions with functional electric muscle stimulation. And includes weight loss program Electric Stimulator for cellulite reduction. Call for an appointment 514.697.6264

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Jan 26th


Posted by with Comments Off on REJUVENATION INNO PENN

The INNO MicroPen is inherently safer than other products, such as dermal rollers. The MicroPen delivers greater efficiency and superior clinical results while maintaining the highest level of safety for both the client and provider. It is also safe for most skin types, which means it is a great procedure for almost everyone!

Customized For Clients. Each client has unique skin needs and requirements. The variable pen position feature allows MicroPen professionals to customize a treatment for best clinical results. The INNOPENN MicroPen can be used on all parts of the body, including the: face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back. It can be also used for facial rejuvenation in combination. We offer free consulations call us for an appointment 514.697.6264.

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Oct 20th


Posted by with Comments Off on OMBRE LONG WIGS IN STYLE

Lace front wigs are another popular option if you are looking for a piece that imitates a natural hairline and gives you a full look.
Lace front wigs are a more affordable option than the full lace wigs, and you can part your hair as desired over the lace section. A good lace-front wig is a must for anyone who likes to play with different looks but doesn’t necessarily want to put their actual hair through all the styling.

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Sep 29th


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Micro-Needling, is a growing area in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation, cellulite and hair loss. The total healing time depends on the depth of needles used and the number of overlapping passes. On average, patients experience mild redness and swelling between two to four days.

During the treatment we will numb the scalp with a topical medication and then use the InnoPen™ micro-needler to create pin point micro channels that deliver the stem cells to the root of the hair follicle to help generate new hair. This treatment is un-noticeable and best recommended for patients with hair loss.

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Sep 15th


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InnoPen-State of the Art Technology. Amazing results! We are offering new services.

Micro Needling (also known as Medical Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy) is a non-surgical and non-ablative procedure used to treat various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), hyper-pigmentation, cellulite and hair loss. Call us for a free consulation 514.697.6264

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Aug 11th


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An Argan Treatment Set For Smoother, Stronger Hair. Our keratin treatment kit is formulated with rich proteins and amino acids that can target damage and smooth hair in one treatment. The formula contains argan oil, to help replenish and moisturize, as well as keratin and collagen to strengthen broken strands. We are offering a 20% discount for the summer season that ends on September 1st, 2018.

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Jun 16th


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If your looking for a versatile and manageable haircut than look no further than the quiff. It works great with both formal and versatile attire and its suits any face shapes.

The quiff comes in a number of variations but in this article I wish to focus on this hairstyle, with a shorter lenght quiff with a parting side. To achieve this hairstyle its all about keeping it shorter on the sides and back and keeping the lenght on the top. With the side parting you can have a line shaved in it will make it stand out more. Working with your needs is what our professional team is here for you.

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