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Jul 2nd


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After months of being under quarantine, we have reopened and are looking forward to seeing you. Buzz cuts, undercuts, and short haircuts are the best bet for a clean look and easier to manage. Or you can clipper the sides and back short and slightly trim the top. Even a shaved sides cut or modern mullet if you don’t want to trim the back of the head are all suitable options. The goal here is to take a look at the lines from your last cut, and have us clean it up even if it pertains to your unit and even if we have to do it for you. Call and make your appointment please remember to bring your mask and we supply you the hand sanitizers, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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Sep 28th


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Nowadays men’s haircuts vary greatly – from super short male haircuts to long haircuts. To create the right haircut means to get basis for further hairstyle. That is why it is strongly recommended to pay proper attention in choosing best men’s haircuts. In addition don’t forget to take into consideration the shape of your scalp, the shape of your face, your height and weight, your skin colour and your figure.

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Aug 17th


Posted by with Comments Off on MENS GREY HAIR

Gray hair for men knows no age. As a society, we’ve decorated the color as “gunmetal” and “smoky steel,” stealing the spotlight from distinguished older gentlemen and placing it on millennials who change their hair color as often as they change their clothes. It has become normalized for men of all ages to rock shades of gray, whether they paid hundreds for it in a salon, or they let aging do all the work.

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Nov 24th


Posted by with Comments Off on BEARD STYLE IS EVERYTHING!

Men mature at different rates. We all remember the kid in high school who sported a full beard. Meanwhile, some of us are still trying to grow a respectable beard after we’ve finished college. If you’re in the latter group, just remember that beards do get denser as we mature. Patience, is always a virtue, particularly when it comes to growing a beard.Yes, growing a beard will take you on a journey that may have some awkward moments, but amazing results.

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Sep 29th


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Micro-Needling, is a growing area in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation, cellulite and hair loss. The total healing time depends on the depth of needles used and the number of overlapping passes. On average, patients experience mild redness and swelling between two to four days.

During the treatment we will numb the scalp with a topical medication and then use the InnoPen™ micro-needler to create pin point micro channels that deliver the stem cells to the root of the hair follicle to help generate new hair. This treatment is un-noticeable and best recommended for patients with hair loss.

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Aug 25th


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As men get older, many of them are faced with the issue of balding or thinning hair. Another common condition faced by all is the changing of their hair color to gray. When this happens, the texture of the hair changes as well. This makes selecting hairstyles for older men a very important choice for those who want to continue to look good.

Whether you like wearing your hair short or long, there’s a coif that will make the silver and white and sometimes the black stand out and look incredible.It’s not hard to find a fantastic hairstyle for older men. Not everything that sizzles during your younger years will still hold up after your hair starts to turn, but a timeless haircut is just that.

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May 12th


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Whether you’re in high school or college, graduation day is a big deal, so you’ll want to make sure you look ah-mazing for the special day. However, as we all know, creating a hairstyle that works well with your graduation cap isn’t exactly the easiest task. But don’t stress! And in case you’re looking for something else, definitely try different styles that best suit you. There is many celeb-inspired hairstyles also to choose from. Like this sleek bun by the time graduation comes around, it’s hot and humid outside, which means you’ll want to avoid frizz at all costs. Take notes from Selena Gomez and tie your hair into a sleek, low bun. Not only is this hairstyle super cute, but it’s also convenient because your cap will fit perfectly on top.

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Feb 17th


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Not all women with hair loss desire to wear a wig when they begin losing their hair. There are often women with thinning hair who want to add some height, volume or fullness to their existing hair. Hairpieces and hair extensions can do just that.

Both provide maximum coverage and fullness, disguising thinning hair or hair loss on top, from front to back. The monofilament base creates the look of natural hair growth where the hair is parted. Because these pieces have a larger base, they could easily replace the need for a full wig.

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Jul 8th


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We offer our clients Human hair wigs and toupee, the highest quality, never detectable, perfectly natural and easily affordable hair replacement systems. If you plan to wear a semi-permanent attached hairpiece especially on your wedding day you will need to purchase two units. The reason for this is while one is being maintained the other is being worn. There is no way that a bonded system will stay firmly attached to your head, especially on the hairline for 4 to 6 weeks. You will have to learn to do some of the maintenance yourself for your system to look natural. Your existing hair on the top of your head cannot be integrated into the typical hair system. Ideally, the stylist will shave off your reaming hair as well as a thin track of hair around the perimeter of your existing hair in order to affix the system properly. If you wish to have more information on our services we offer you free consulations.

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Apr 22nd


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This spikey tapered cut is one of Tom Hardy’s best haircuts of all. The simplicity of the taper allows this cut to be styled in a multitude of different ways, including this edgy spiked style. Hardy has been seen sporting a variety of different admirable haircuts. While his career isn’t necessarily centered on his style, Tom Hardy’s hairstyles have been the subject of many discussions, here is one of our favorites with the trendy beard Tom Hardy haircuts.

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