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Jan 3rd

Spice up your look; Get a Wig!

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Ever think about why celebrities often wear wigs? Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Tyra, Rihanna, plus many other celebrities are known to have worn wigs. It’s not only about having fun creating a new look but also about saving your own hair from the damage styling does to it. Let’s face it, curling irons, styling gels, rollers, hot hair straighteners all have effects on your hair. Straighteners can make your hair frizzier and curlier eventually causing your hair to appear thin and dull. You may even panic thinking your hair is falling out but in fact it is just breaking off due to the high heat from straighteners.

Every day Wig - Kim Kardashian

Wigs can not only enhance your look but also can protect your hair from styling and the environment. Let’s say you are outside a lot in the harsh hot sun or outside in very cold weather, wigs do offer some protection for your natural hair.
How many hours do you spend a day fighting with your hair? Instead of spending hours trying to fight your hair’s natural curl or wanting to add some curls, if that’s the case, opt for a wig. There are two options when it comes to wigs, synthetic or human hair. Human hair is considered best for wigs for styling and settings. Also human hair, like your own can be washed the same way you would wash your own hair.

Stylish Wig - Kim Kardashian

Another benefit to consider is that there is no commitment. You don’t have to dye your hair or perm it to achieve a new look you want to try. If you don’t like it, well off with the wig and you are not stuck with a look you dislike. Some styles also take hours to do, while wigs can offer you the ability to change your hair in texture, length, and color in a few minutes. How great is that if at the last minute you are invited out to go somewhere and your hair is less than desirable.
So experiment with some flattering styles, colors and have some fun!

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