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Jan 4th

Want Beautiful Hair Extension like Jennifer Aniston & Jessica Simpson?

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When you see those celebrities with their full luscious hair do you naturally assume she is born with it? Often enough she’s probably faking it with some great hair extensions. Today’s hair extensions are so natural looking. Extensions and wigs offer great versatility…. from waist length hair to a short curly red bob which we have seen on Jessica Simpson. She chooses coifs to coordinate with her outfits. But you don’t have to go to such an extreme to enjoy a bit of a change. There are even clip in bangs and pony tails. Getting this season’s fabulous hair tends is easier than you think. A few of the hot looks right now include a sleek ponytail or a natural messy braid. Being a child of the 70’s the Chic Hippie look is the one for me.

jennifer aniston hair

I know that many of you worry about damage that may arise from hair extensions which is why you should use a professional to ensure that all you get is beautiful hair. Extensions can be clipped, sewn in or bonded. To obtain a really natural look, use extensions made with real hair. They may be more expensive but has many advantages besides looking realistic such as can be cut, coloured and styled.

Jessica Simpson Hair

You should also remember that a great shampoo is a must. It should be sulphate-free as it is not only beneficial to hair extensions but also to your own natural hair. Most shampoos have sulphates which strip hair of their moisture and color. Using hair products like Activ8, which contains an exclusive blend of at least 8 active ingredients will preserve your extensions and promote your own hair growth.

So if you have been dreaming of long wavy hair like Jennifer Aniston or the side swept bangs of Jessica Simpson, contact Chromolaserlight.com.

INFO: We are offering Wigs and Hair Replacements in Montreal.

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